Share internet via Bluetooth between two mobiles

bluetooth iconThere are different ways you can share your cellular data or internet connection between two or more mobile phones. We have posted several articles about this topic before. For example, you can refer to following guide to setup portable hotspot on Xiaomi phone and share internet with other phones. Other than mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth tethering can also help you share internet between two or more phones. See these steps to share internet via Bluetooth on Samsung phone. Both hotspot and Bluetooth can help us share the internet connection between two mobile phones. In this guide, we will use a Samsung phone and a Xiaomi phone to share with you the steps to share internet connection between the two mobiles. The same steps here can also apply to other mobile phones, such as LG, HTC, Nexus, Lenovo, Sony, Redmi, ZTE, Huawei,and more.

Step 1. Enable Bluetooth tethering on one phone

In this guide, we will share internet connection on Xiaomi via Bluetooth with Samsung. You can also share Samsung’s internet with Xiaomi. If interested, you can test it by yourself following the same procedure as specified in this tutorial. The first step to share Xiaomi’s internet with Samsung phone is to enable Cellular data on Xiaomi phone, the source device in this demo. Then open Settings >> Network >> More >> Bluetooth tethering. Slide Bluetooth tethering option to On to start sharing the phone’s internet connection.

turn on bluetooth tethering on xiaom & redmi mobile phone with miui 8

Step 2. Connect the second phone to the first phone via Bluetooth

In order to use the first phone’s internet connection on the second phone, you just need to turn on Bluetooth on the second phone and then pair the two phones and connect the second phone to the first phone via Bluetooth. On Samsung phone, tap Apps >> Settings >> Bluetooth, you can then turn on Bluetooth on Samsung, scan, find, pair and connect Samsung phone to Xiaomi phone from there. After that you can use the first phone’s internet connection straightly on the second phone.

Can’t share internet via Bluetooth between two mobiles?

  • Make sure the source phone is connected to the internet via Cellular data or mobile data other than a Wi-Fi network.
  • Note that do not turn on Bluetooth tethering on the second phone. Once the Bluetooth tethering option is activated on the first mobile phone, you need just to enable Bluetooth other than Bluetooth tethering on the other phone.
  • Bluetooth pairing and internet shareing via Bluetooth tethering both work well between two Android devices. If you try to pair an iPhone with an Android phone via Bluetooth, or share internet connection between iPhone and Android, you may find it is problematic. There still seems to be some incompatibility issues between iOS and Android.

Share internet between mobile phone and computer

If you want share mobile phone’s internet connection with a laptop, you can choose either portable hotspot or USB. Use hotspot to share Samsung phone’s internet connection with your laptop, it is very easy to set up, just like you share internet with other mobile phones. Another way is to share phone’s internet connection with PC via USB tethering, check out this guide to share Xiaomi phone’s internet connection with PC via USB, it works similarly on other Android devices.