Shoot black and white photos using LG mobile phone

Due to the limitations in the past, we can only shoot black and white pictures. Things have changed. Now many people have stopped shooting in B&W. If you want to create black and white photos, you need to tweak the settings of your camera or smartphone. As you will take pictures in color by default. Smartphones provide us filters to enhance our photography. In this article, we will show you how to capture pictures in B&W using LG mobile phone.

Shoot black and white photos using LG phone

There are basically two ways you can get B&W pictures on LG mobile. You can convert photos from full color to photos in B&W or simply apply the filter beforehand.

Start the Camera app on LG phone, tap the filter icon at the top tool bar, then all filters will be displayed on your phone screen. Find and tap to select BW. Then touch the Camera button at the bottom to take photos in black and white on LG phone.

shoot black white photos lg mobile phone

You can switch to other filters or choose None to disable any currently applied filters.

Convert color pictures to black & white on LG mobile

Run the stock Gallery app on LG mobile phone. Select the picture you want to work with, then on the bottom toolbar, touch Edit, the pre-installed filters will be brought up. Select the filters and preview the effects. When you are satisfied, touch the Save button at the upper right corner to save the picture. Note that this will overwrite exiting picture, means the original photo in full color will be replaced with the black and white one. Alternatively you can touch the More menu (three vertical dots) at the top right corner, then choose Save copy from the drop-down list to save the black and white picture as a copy without overwriting original photo in full color.

convert color photo to black white on lg mobile phone

Other than filters, the stock Gallery app on LG phone allows users to edit image light, color, etc. Tap the adjustment bar at the bottom, then expand the color adjustment, you can then adjust the Saturation, Warmth, Tint, Skin tone, Deep blue, etc. You can move the Saturation bar to the left end to create black and white photos on LG phone. After that touch the Save or More >> Save copy to save the new picture in black and white.

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    1. the settings may differ on different phone models.
      you can try to reset your camera settings if applicable. also you can take a photo in full color, then edit it from the Gallery app on your mobile phone. If still no luck, you can download a third party app to convert the color photos to B&W.

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