How to transfer Android apps between phones wirelessly?

When you upgrade your old mobile phone to a new one, you may want to transfer the data residing on your old phone. We have several related articles about data migration between Android phones. For instance, you can follow this guide to transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi Redmi phones in just a few simple clicks. This solution however requires a computer in the middle. Today, we will share with you a wireless file transfer solution for Android. This can be done using a tiny free file transfer app, Shareit. See specific instructions below.

How to transfer apps between Android phones wirelessly?

There are two ways you can share files and apps between Android phones using Shareit app: 1) Shareit to web browser transfer; 2) Shareit to Shareit transfer. The former does not require the receiver to have the Shareit app; the later requires both users have Shareit app on their phones.

Method 1. Share Android apps between mobile phones through Shareit Webshare

The file transfer app has the built-in Web Share feature which allows the receiver to accept the file transfer using any web browser. You can head to the side menu of the app to enable Web Share.

shareit for android shareit for android phone web shareside menu

When it is activated, the sender’s phone will turn into a Wifi hotspot and the selected files on the sender’s device can be downloaded through HTTP. The receiver needs to connect to the WiFi hotspot, then access the HTTP download address in a web browser and download files. See steps to transfer files from one Android phone to another via Shareit web share.

shareit webshare from android phone

Method 2. Transfer apps between Android phones using Shareit

This free file transfer app can send itself from one phone to another wirelessly without WiFi or internet. If not yet, send Shareit app to another Android mobile. After that, you can launch the same file transfer app on both phone and freely exchange files and documents between them. Data can be sent from phone to phone via WiFi(local WiFi without the need for internet access) or hotspot.

Connect both Android phones to the same WiFi network. Tap Send button in Shareit home screen on the sender’s device, then choose the apps you like to transfer, allow your phone to scan nearly devices, finally tap on the receiver’s device name or avatar to transfer apps from Android to Android phone.

shareit app for android to scan and connect other phones

In case no WiFi network available, the data can be shared via hotspot. Put the receiver’s phone into receiving mode in Shareit app, this will turn on personal hotspot on the phone.

shareit app receiving mode on android phone

Then go to the sender’s phone to select files, the Shareit app will automatically detect and connect to the sender’s hotspot network. Your selected content will be copied over from phone to phone via hotspot at blazing fast speed. More details can be found from this tutorial to transfer files between mobile phones over Hotspot using this free android transfer application.

Want to transfer app data and game records as well?

The above file transfer app can send apps from phone to another wirelessly. However it can’t help you copy over the app data at the same time. Do not miss out following article to transfer app data and game data between Android phones.

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