Transfer files between Android and Mac wirelessly using ShareIt

How to transfer files from a Mac to an Android mobile phone, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi? Have troubles sending files and documents from Android to Mac, like photos, videos, movies, Office documents, PDF? Connecting Android phone to Mac via cable could be challenging. For those Mac computers without USB port, you may need to buy extra adapter in order to connect up your phone. Other than USB transfer, we will show you how to connect up your Android phone and Mac via Wi-Fi and share files between them wirelessly using SHAREit, a cross-platform free file transfer app can be found from Google Play Store, Mac App Store, Apple App Store, etc.

Connect both Mac and Android to the same Wi-fi network. Get this free transfer app onto them. Launch the free transfer program on Mac. Open the transfer app on Android, tap the Menu button at the top left to bring up the side menu and choose Connect PC/Mac.

shareit connect android to pc

Now the file transfer app on Mac should detect your Android phone, you can tap the phone name from its bottom section to connect. After that you will receive the connection request from your Mac. Confirm to accept the connection. The file transfer window will then open on both Mac and mobile phone.

You can also initiate the connection from Android. At the Connect PC/Mac screen on mobile phone, choose Scan to Connect, then point your camera toward the QR code displayed in the file transfer app on Mac.

To send files and data from Mac to Android, just drag and drop files from your Mac computer hard drive to the transfer app on Mac.

transfer files from mac to android phone using ushareit

To send files and documents from Android to Mac, tap Photos or Files tab in the file transfer app on Android and select photos, videos, music, ebooks, zip files, and more files and documents, then copy them from Android to Mac computer wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

transfer files from android to mac using shareit

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