Transfer files from Mac to iPhone

To fransfer files from Mac to iPhone, iTunes is the tools you will need. It this the official iOS management tool from Apple that can help you transfer all kinds of files on your computer to your iPhone. If you have used iTunes to sync content from Mac to iPhone, you may however find it is not so user friendly. Sometimes to transfer certain files, it takes you too much steps and time. For example, if you want to send a photo from Mac to iPhone, iTunes however will need to backup your iPhone during the sync process. You can simply email the photo to yourself, then open it on your iPhone and download the attached email from there. In a related guide, we showed you how to transfer files from laptops to iPhone. Today we will talk about how to transfer files from Mac to iPhone using Apple iTunes and its great alternative TunesGo for iOS, a great iTunes alternative which can help you transfer files from Mac to iPhone or from iPhone to Mac much easier and more straightforward than iTunes. We will also recommend more iPhone transfer tools in the end of this iPhone data transfer guide.

Transfer files from Mac to iPhone using iTunes

If you like to stick to iTunes, here are some demos reveal how iTunes can help you sync files from Mac to iPhone, including movies, PDF, ringtones, photos, etc. To copy files from PC or Mac to iPhone iPad iPod through iTunes, firstly you need to import the source files to iTunes library, then select and sync the specific iTunes library from computer to iOS device. You can refer to below tutorials for more specific instructions.

Transfer files from Mac to iPhone using TunesGo

If you are tired of iTunes and lookig for a faster way to exchange files between iPhone and computer, try TunesGo. We have an earlier guide revealed how easy it is to copy photos videos from Mac to iPhone here. You can use this tool and follow the similar steps coverred in this guide to transfer other files or contect from Mac to iPhone, such as music, TV shows, music videos, podcast, iTunesU, Audio book, home made videos, playlist, contacts, messages. It is an all-in-one iPhone transfer tool. It is able to transfer a wide range of file types from computer to iPhone or from iPhone to computer.

tunesgo iOS manager and transfer

More iPhone Transfer Tools and Tips

Like anything related to software, there is a multitude of tools can do the same job. Except above mentionded tools, there are still plenty of similar software can help you do the same job. For example, you can use iPhoto to export photos from iPhone to Mac, you can use Mobile Transfer to copy contacts from Android phones to iPhone. iOS is not a open system like Android, for everything Apple, you may need to use Apple tools, but still there are a huge third party tools in the marketplace designed for Apple products, with the right tool you can get the job done quickly.