How to Upload Video to WeChat Moments?

WeChat is a cross-platform messenger for iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Mac and PC. It supports voice, photo, video and text messages sending, receiving and sharing across various mobile phones and even computers. You will be able to transfer videos freely between various phones, such as from iPhone to Samsung, Samsung to iPhone, iPhone to Android phones, Android to iPhone, iPhone to BlackBerry, and so on. You can refer to this guide to see how to share videos in WeChat on mobile phones. Since WeChat V6.0, you can also post video to WeChat Moments or WeChat chats through Sight videos from your smartphone. Many WeChat users however find they can’t upload videos to WeChat Moments from iPhone, Samsung, Android other other phones for sharing with your friends, family or in the public moments. You can only take Sight videos and upload these short video clips to WeChat moments, but not those existing videos in your Camera Roll on iPhone, or current videos in your Gallery on an Android phone. Is there any way to upload videos to WeChat moments from iPhone and Android video albums?

How to Upload Video to WeChat Moments?

Currently you can only directly upload sight videos in WeChat moments. If you like to post other recorded videos to WeChat Moments on your smartphone, like iPhone, Samsung, Android, HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry, you can choose one of the following methods.

Method #1. Publish mobile phone videos online

You need to publish the videos from your phone to a third party video sharing and hosting websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, or upload videos to your own websites and blogs first. Want to have your own website? Check out this guide and see how you can make a website in 5 minutes with WordPress.

Then you will get the URL address to your video on the web, you can now post the URL links to your online videos in WeChat app for mobile. It is just like to share URL links in WeChat Moments on our mobile phones.

share links in wechat moments on mobile phone

Launch WeChat app on your smartphone, go to Discover >> Moments, then long press the Camera icon to reveal the Text box, Here you can copy and paste the URL to your videos in this box, then tap on the Send button to publish the video link in WeChat Moments. The published link to the video looks like the second link as shown in below screenshot.

share videos in wechat moments on mobile phones

Tap on this video link in Moments, then WeChat will open your video with its built-in browser. You can see three dots at the top right corner if you are on an iPhone. Tap on this web page Share button, a link sharing and sending menu will pop up, see below screenshot.

share video in wechat moments

Now you can see the Share on Moments option. Except Sight videos, this is another way you can upload video to WeChat Moments. Tap on it and follow on-screen tips to post video on WeChat Moments so all your friends can see the video in your public moments. Scroll up to the previous figure, the first link at the top is the video published in WeChat Moments. You can see an image thumbnail in front of the link, the link itself will not be displayed, the title to your video page is displayed. So your WeChat friends can quickly understand the video content according to the video thumb and title, and they can tap on either of them to quickly open and display your posted video in WeChat Moments on their mobile phones. Now you know how to how to share video on WeChat Moments.

Method #2. Favorite videos and Share videos on WeChat Moments

The second method to upload or post videos to WeChat Moments is to add videos from mobile phone Camera or Gallery to a chat in WeChat, then favorite the video in WeChat, after that go to your WeChat Favorites to find the video and share the video on Moments.

share video on wechat moments from iphone

Share videos on WeChat Moments – Youtube video demo

Extra Tips on Video Sharing & Saving in WeChat

If you like to save the videos in WeChat Moments, you can simply favorite the videos in WeChat Moments so you can easily find them from your Favorite collection in WeChat in the future. Your friends can also add your uploaded videos to their favorite collection for future reference and quick access. Videos posted in WeChat Moments by one WeChat user can be shared again in WeChat Moments by another WeChat user.

If you like to download the WeChat videos, send the video links to your computer and open the video on a desktop web browser, try to right click to download the video or make use of a video downloader to save a copy of the videos from WeChat Moments on to your computer. As to Sight videos, you can refer to this guide to save WeChat Sight videos. Leave us a comment below if you need further assistance in sharing, uploading, downloading or saving WeChat videos.

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  1. How to I add moments from my Macintosh computer? I can upload photos to my favorites, but I don’t typically favorite my own photos. I want to add photos on my computer to the Moments section of WeChat and it doesn’t seem to be an option in the Mac app. Do I need to email the photos to myself to then open on my phone and then use the Android app?

    1. it should be the same place where you can send a photo. if you use wechat on an iPhone and want to send video to your friends via Wechat, open the chat window with a contact, tap the Add icon(+), then select Photos, you can then choose any photo or video to share through WeChat.

  2. “Share on moments” option sadly has been removed for some stupid / logic reason.
    There’s not “Share on moments” option anymore. :r

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