How to save WeChat sight videos?

wechat messenger for mobileWeChat app for mobile enables video transfer and sharing easily from one cell phone to another, such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows phone, LG, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, HTC and more Android phones. You can send any photos and videos from your Camera Roll on iPhone or Gallery on your Android phones to anyone who is also using WeChat app for mobile. You can instantly open the Camera app on your smartphone to capture a photo or record a video and send to some WeChat contact right away. Videos shared by your friends through Wechat can be saved to your phone easily. To do that, simply tap to play the video in full screen mode, then long press the WeChat video received in WeChat to display the Save to Phone or Save video option and save it to your Gallery or Camera Roll on Android phones or iPhone.

how to save video from wechat

Since WeChat V6.0, a new Sight video feature was launched. This is a great way to share short video clips at any moments using your mobile phone. You can refer to this guide and see how you can post and share videos on WeChat from your mobile phones. Unlike other videos, the received sight videos can’t be saved locally. If you try to save WeChat sight video, you will get a note or error, saying “Sight cannot be saved locally“. You can favorite Sight videos, forward Sight videos, but you cannot send Sight videos or export Sight videos from Wechat to your local storage, phone storage or computers. If you want to save Wechat sight videos locally on Android phone or iPhone or transfer Sight videos from Wechat to PC or Mac computers, please follow below instructions.

How to save WeChat sight videos on Android phones?

Your Sight videos received or sent through Wechat for mobile will actually be saved on your Android phone. If you have SD card or memory card installed on your phone, the Sight videos will be saved on to SD cards or memory cards on your mobile phone. You can find it from below path: mnt/extSdCard/Tencent/MicroMsg if you are using a Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos. It varies depending on the phone model you use. In this Samsung phone model we tested, we found a list of folders with random numbers and letters, you need to open each of them to find the sight videos you sent or received through Wechat on Android phone. The WeChat Sight videos will be MP4 files saved on your Android phones. To export WeChat sight videos from Android phone to computer, connect your phone to computer through USB data cord, browse to the WeChat Sight videos folder saved on your SD card, copy the sight videos and saved them on to your computer hard drive or media library on your PC or Mac machines.
save wechat sight videos on android phone

An easier way to save Sight in WeChat from Android to computer

There are different ways you can transfer Sight videos from Android phone to computer. If you do not have any SD card or if you have trouble finding the Sight videos on SD cards from your phone. You can use an Android data recovery software to scan your phone and save WeChat sight videos from Android phone to computer. This method can not only save WeChat videos to computer, but also save WeChat sight to PC or Mac easily.
scan and save videos from android mobile to computer

You can refer to following guides to recover videos from Samsung galaxy phones to computer and retrieve videos from Lenovo phones to computer. The same tool and method can be used to export or back up WeChat sight videos from any other Android phones, like LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC, to computer as well.

How to save WeChat sight videos on iPhone?

Unlike Android phones, an iPhone however does not allow you to access its internal storage to fetch the Sight videos sent or received through WeChat for iOS. You can save photos and videos received in WeChat on to your Camera Roll on iPhone. But the WeChat sight videos shared or received on iPhone can’t be saved or exported to computer. You can only forward or favorite the sight videos within Wechat app, but can’t send sight videos from WeChat to anywhere else. How to save video from WeChat or how to save sight in WeChat when you are using iPhone? In order to save sight videos from WeChat on iPhone to PC or Mac computers, you need an iPhone data recovery software. You can download this tool from below on to your PC or Mac for free.

iphone data recovery

Run the iPhone data recovery program on your PC or Mac computer, connect your iPhone to computer through USB data cord, then use this program to scan your iPhone for WeChat sight videos saved on your iPhone’s internal storage and send WeChat sight videos from iPhone to computer. Once the iPhone recovery software has finished scanning your phone, go to the App Videos directory from the left side of the program, you can then find a XIN folder which is the WeChat video folder saved on iPhone. All your sight videos are saved in this folder on iPhone.
wechat videos saved in folder on iphone
Click to open the WeChat videos folder saved on iPhone, you can then find the sight videos you have sent or received in WeChat app on iPhone. You can click the Recover button from the bottom right corner, then a pop-up dialogue appears from which you can select a folder on your computer to save WeChat videos or WeChat sight from iPhone.
transfer wechat sight videos from iphone to computer

Now you know how to save WeChat sight videos on Android and iPhone and save the sight videos received in Wechat from your mobile phone to PC or Mac computers.

Save WeChat Sight videos to computer – YouTube video guide

More Useful WeChat for Mobile Tips

WeChat is a must have mobile app for all smartphone users, it has a lot of useful features. Except sending photos, videos as mentioned above, you can make free calls on mobile phone using WeChat. If you like to continue browsing a website from computer to your phone, you can use WeChat to scan QR code on the phone so you do not bother to type in the long website URLs.

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  1. Hi! Matt! I’m using Iphone 5S. If I want to transfer wechat sight to my laptop, the alternative way without buy the full version of data recovery is download we chat app on laptop?

    1. yes. this is just another solution. Sights will be saved to the default directory for saving wechat files by default.

  2. I feel there’s a more efficient way of doing this. In your browser, open the browser for wechat scan the QR code and connect your wechat on the computer. Send the sight to your computer, and download it on your computer. This should work with any platform. If you wish to share the video on whatsapp, the video can directly be uploaded, using the web browser facility of whatsapp. Hope this helps.

        1. Log into web wechat on your browser, forward sight to ‘file transfer’ dialogue then simply right-click on the video to ‘save video as’ or ‘copy video address’, paste it in a new tab then save page as.. whatever.
          The suffix will be mp4 but the video just won’t work. Tried to correct mp4 file with other programs but nothing worked so far.

    1. you should be able to export received Sight videos from Android or iPhone to computer using mobile phone data recovery software mentioned in above post. You can also give a shot to the method suggested by @Danny see if any luck.

  3. Read all chats above but my iPhone 5S iOS 9.3.1 still unable to share video in moment. Video made in iMovie, 3.3Mb, already save in WeChat favorites.

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