Use WeChat voice message as ringtone on Android

Received some important audio messages in WeChat conversations on Android phone? You can back them up to an external storage, such as your computer, so you won’t lose them in case of hardware failure, unintentional deletion of chat history, or other data loss disasters. Looking for a way to set some interesting, memorable voice messages in WeChat as the ringtone one your mobile? WeChat creates and saves audio messages in a special format that can’t be played, recognized by most devices, and music players, so how can you convert them to a more popular audio format, like AAC, MP3? We will discuss these issues below.

Export audio messages from Android to computer

You may have already heard that all WeChat audio messages are saved in ‘Tencent’ > ‘micromsg’ > a weird named folder with random alphanumeric name > ‘voice2’. You can find more details with screenshots from this guide to export, play and convert Wechat voice messages from Android. In fact, you can add a voice messages to Favorites in WeChat, so you can quickly locate it in a File Manager app on your mobile phone. See this easy way to find and transfer voice messages from WeChat on Android. From this linked article, you can also find different ways to send the Wechat voice messages from Android to computer via USB or Wi-Fi.

Convert WeChat voice messages to ringtone for Android

Android phones accept various audio file formats as the ringtone, such as MP3, M4A, 3GA, AAC, OGG, OGA, WAV, WMA. Unfortunately Wechat voice messages are not supported on Android phone. The exported WeChat audio messages are either in .arm or .silk format. So we have to convert them to an Android compatible format using an audio converter first. If you are not sure which format works for your phone, choose MP3, the most popular audio format across various devices, OS. You can follow these steps to convert WeChat voice messages to MP3 on PC using a free Silk to MP3 converter for Windows. Batch conversion supported.

convert wechat voice messages to mp3 using silk2mp3 from github

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