How to save multiple WeChat backups on PC?

Sometimes we need to back up data from mobile phone to computer so as to free up more storage on the phone. This is the case for many WeChat users. This app can easily fill up your storage space on the phone. If you need to shrink its size, you have to clear old chat history, remove those heavy media files. Backing up data from phone to computer first if you do not want to lose them. You can follow this guide to back up WeChat from Android phone to PC. Firstly you need to download and install Wechat for Windows on your PC, then use WeChat on your phone to scan the QR code and log on the same WeChat account on both your phone and PC at the same time. After that, connect your phone to PC via USB data cord. And finally head to the back up/restore function in Wechat for Windows and backup WeChat to computer. You need to back up your data regularly. If you run WeChat for PC to backup data from phone to computer for the second time, you will notice this alert.

wechat backup files overwriting alert on pc

It seems the current version of WeChat for Windows does not want users to keep two or more copies of backup files on their computers. If you create a new backup, the previous or first backup will be overwritten. Sometimes however we might not want it to remove old backups. What to do when you want to save multiple WeChat backups on PC for the same or different WeChat accounts?

There is a quick workaround for this issue. You can firstly go to find out its default directory where the WeChat backup files are saved on your computer hard drive.
wechat backup files default directory on pc
Go to WeChat Settings on PC, then click the General tab, you will find the Manage File option with the current location where your WeChat backup files are saved on your computer. On my computer, the WeChat backups are saved to “C:\Users\Stone\Documents\WeChat Files\”. Copy its location path and access it using the File Explorer on your computer. Open this folder, you may find couple of sub-folders. Find the one begins with “wxid_” in the file name, you can then find a ‘Backup’ directory, open it, you may see another folder with a string of numbers as the file name, click to open it, there will be three backup files with ‘.data’ as their file extension. These are the WeChat backup files saved on your PC. You can then copy these files to another location on your computer different from the WeChat default directory. For example, you may create a new folder on a different hard drive, such as D:/WeChat backup/backup01, then copy and paste the above backup files to this new folder. Give each copy of backup folder a descriptive name to help you recognize them in the future. After that you can go to create a new backup of Wechat history on your PC without losing previous backups. Repeat these steps, you can save two or more backups of WeChat on computer.

7 thoughts on “How to save multiple WeChat backups on PC?”

  1. Hello Matt,

    I want to locate the WeChat backup files for Mac, but am unable to find them.

    Do you have any idea?


    1. wechat backup will be encrypted on the PC so we can’t view or print them on our computer. you will need to restore a backup to your phone first before you can view the chat history contained in the backup file.

    1. hi, what kind of files do you want to recover? where were they saved before and how they got deleted please?

  2. In this folder i did not have .data file, but there was three files “Backup.db”, “BAK_0_MEDIA”, “BAK_0_TEXT”.
    So I archived them.
    Now I’m trying to restore from pc to phone and application just rename Backup.db to “Backup.db_SQLITE_NOTADB1482946046152” and create new empty one on it’s place. Telling “nothing to restore”
    How can i restore all backups on phone?

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