Back up WeChat messages from Android to computer

wechat messenger for mobileWant to back up chats from WeChat to computer? WeChat for Windows or Mac is the desktop versions which can help you send and receive messages on computer just like you send and receive emails using a email client on desktop or laptop computer. The bigger screen of computer and more versatile physical keyboard can make you type much faster. Similar method can also be found to send and receive text messages from Android phone on computer. With a desktop client, you will be able to chat with WeChat friends or mobile phone contacts using a PC or Mac computer. The WeChat computer versions can also help you back up chat history from mobile phone to computer. So you can restore chat backups from computer to mobile phone when you have deleted or lost important data on the phone.

How to Back up WeChat messages from Android to computer?

You will need to download WeChat for Windows or WeChat for Mac on to your PC or Mac computer first. Click here for the Windows version downloading and this link for WeChat for Mac. We will use the Windows version in this demo to show you how to backup WeChat chat history from phone to PC. If you are on Mac, you will find they differ in appearance and the WeChat backup feature can’t be found in WeChat for Mac at this moment. Tencent company may add this feature in future upgrade. For now, if you like to export WeChat chat history, you can scroll down to the bottom of this guide and visit the linked article about WeChat chat history and files transfer from phone to computer via WeChat for Web.

Run WeChat on PC, you will be prompted to log in WeChat. Click Login button in WeChat for Windows, you will need to confirm your login on phone. After that you will be login WeChat on computer. If it is the first time you login a WeChat account on PC or Mac, you will be required log in using Scan QR Code. You need to use WeChat to scan QR code on computer in order to authorize the connection of your WeChat account from your mobile phone. See this tutorial to scan QR code using WeChat on Android phones.  It works almost the same on Android phone. When you are logged in WeChat for Windows, you will open the chat window in WeChat for Windows. You can start chatting with your WeChat friends right on your computer. However in order to back up chat history from WeChat to computer, you need to connect up your phone to computer via USB.

backup wechat chat history from android to pc

Here are the steps to back up WeChat messages from Android to PC:

Step 1. Click the Settings icon from the left bottom corner of WeChat for Windows to open the Settings window.

Step 2. Click Chat Backup in WeChat Settings.

Step 3. Click Backup on Phone button to save your chat history from WeChat to computer.

Step 4. Authorize the chat backup of WeChat from Android phone and you are done. A copy of your chat history in WeChat for Android will be saved to computer.

authorize wechat chat history backup to pc from android

Now your chat history will be saved to PC. You can go to restore the backups to mobile phone if you like. However the WeChat backup on computer is not readable with other software. You can’t open and read them in Windows or Mac system. And some media files sent or receive in WeChat can’t be saved, such as Sight videos. If you like to back up these data, you will need to download and use third party software tools. See this guide to save WeChat Sight videos to phone and computer.

Alternative way to back up WeChat messages from Android to computer

If you want to selectively back up any WeChat messages, photos, videos, Sight videos from Android to your PC or Mac, or if you want to copy your WeChat messages and files from Android to computer without any software, or back up WeChat data from Android to computer as readable files and documents, you can refer to this guide to back up WeChat messages and files to computer via WeChat for web.

WeChat 6.3.31 backup failure

If you are using old versions such as WeChat for Android V6.3.27 or earlier, you should be able to back up chat history from Android to PC without following problem. Based on some users’ feedback and our own test, it seems to be some problem with the WeChat for Android version 6.3.31 backup. If you have upgraded WeChat to this version, you may run into below error on PC when trying to backup chat history from WeChat for Android V6.3.31 to Windows computer. We may have to wait for the fix in the next upgrade of either WeChat for Android or WeChat for Windows.
wechat android to pc backup error - "disconnected, try again"

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  1. Hi,
    I recently bought a new smartphone. I had problem restoring the backups that I did from the old phone to my pc.
    In the backup folder it has the following sub folders:
    (1) MicroMsg
    (2) mta
    (3) tbs
    How could I restore this backup to my new smartphone?
    My best reagrds,

  2. I need help. Now I can’t access my Wechat account. Can I get that data files from my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3).

  3. Hi,
    I thought that I’d just relay an interest discovery that I made. To restore a backup, you need to have network data enabled, even when connected to Wifi. I’m using an Android phone and a Macbook and tried to restore my backed up WeChat conversations. Using the WeChat desktop app I started the restore process, the Wechat app on my phone responded and indicated that it was connecting to my computer, but then it errored saying that the devices needed to be connected on the same network. Both devices were connected to the same network, as confirmed by the fact the phone showed the connection as initiated by the computer. I tried several times with the same result. The problem was, that because I was rebuilding my phone and only have a small data limit, I disabled phone network data. As soon as I enabled it and tried the restore process again it worked perfectly.

    I just thought that I’d share.


  4. I downloaded Wechat Computer and I have all my Chat History on Computer. Recently I logged out of my account on my Android Phone, logged back in and I lost all my chat history on my Phone. I would like to know if there’s a way to transfer all the Chat History from My Computer to my phone? Is that possible? Thank you for your support.

    1. WeChat for PC can help you restore chat history from computer to Android as well, the same place you backup wechat chats. connect up your phone to computer via USB, run wechat on your computer, go to its Settings >> Chat backup, here you can find options for both wechat backup and restore.

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