How to sync Viber contacts to Android phone?

Generally speaking you do not need to add contacts from Viber to mobile phone, as you may have already added contacts from mobile phone to Viber. When you install Viber on the phone, it will request the permission to read contacts, create contacts, delete contacts and so on. This grants Viber the access to your address book or contacts so you can easily find your family and friends who are also using Viber on the mobile phone. Simply run Viber on your Android phone, tap on Contacts tab, you will quickly find out those contacts saved on your phone who are also Viber users. Sometimes however you may want to add contacts the other way around. Viber allows you to directly input phone number or scan QR code to add new contacts. If you added new contacts to Viber this way and the contacts are not already existing on your mobile phone, you may want to add Viber contacts to Android phone at the same time. In this quick Viber how-to guide, we will share with you the quick tip to add contacts to both Viber and mobile phone at the same time.

How to sync Viber contacts to Android phones?

Viber has the setting or option to keep contacts synced with your mobile phone. Run Viber on your Android phone. Touch the More menu (the three horizontal lines symbol at the top left corner of Viber), you will see a screen like this.

viber more menu on android phone

Choose Settings from the Viber More screen, you will open Viber Settings screen like below.

viber settings menu for android phone

From Viber Settings page, select General, you can then see some common options as shown in below screenshot.

sync viber contacts to android phone

Touch the “Sync contacts” option if it is not enabled yet. After that you will see a check icon behind this option which means you have already enabled it. This will add Viber contacts to your device’s contacts when new contacts being added to Viber.

Extra tips about Contacts sync between Viber and mobile phone

Once you have synced Viber contacts to phone, you will eliminate the extra steps to add the same contacts phone. You can just add new contacts to Viber and they will be added to your mobile phone at the same time. It is very convenient for us to manage contacts between Viber and device. However this may cause troubles sometimes. For example, you may delete contacts from Viber without knowing the contacts will be deleted from your device at the same time. In case of expected data loss or deletion, you can refer to this tutorial to recover deleted contacts from Samsung mobile, and this guide to retrieve lost contacts on Lenovo phones. These two linked guides can also help you retrieve deleted data from many other Android powered phones, such as LG, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, etc. If you deleted the wrong contacts or phone number in Viber, it can also help you recover deleted Viber contacts at the same time.

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