How to use Gifox to capture GIFs on Mac?

Gifox is both a Gif maker and screen recorder for Mac. It captures your Mac screen and save the screen recordings as animated GIFs. It is able to record a specific window or section of your desktop screen which makes it great for capturing quick screencasts. In this quick guide, we will show you the simple steps to use Gifox to capture a GIF on Mac.

Get Gifox for Mac here before we get started.

Run Gifox on your Mac. You will be prompted to grant it the permission to record screen on Mac. When you see the Screen Recording permission request, hit the Open System Preferences button to access Security & Privacy settings, choose Screen Recording and grant Gifox the permission.

Gifox is a status bar app. After launch, it becomes visible on the right side of status bar at the top of your Mac screen. Click Gifox icon in status bar to open assistant popover. In Gifox menu, you can select area or window to capture, view and manage all captured GIF files, open its output directory, access it preferences and settings.

gifox record screen into gif on mac
gifox record screen into gif on mac

If you want to only record certain window or app, resize the app window to the desired size on your screen, then click Gifox icon in the status bar, click the window button and click to select the app window to start recording. If you want to capture a specific area on your Mac screen, click Gifox icon in the status bar, click the area button, then drag and drop to select the desired area, click on record button to start capturing. Stop recording with stop button in status bar or in toolset whenever it’s present on the screen.

To find the recorded GIF files, click Gifox icon in the status bar, you will see the list of all saved GIF files, click to open and view a GIF in Finder. You can also click the Output Directory button to view all captured animated GIF files. If a GIF doesn’t play properly in Finder, QuickView or Safari, or you get a message saying the GIF file is damaged, you can use a better GIF viewer to verify, notably Google Chrome which outperforms standard macOS apps by far.

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