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Recent Xiaomi and Redmi phones have built in FTP Server app in their system tools. You can make use of FTP Server on Xiaomi and Redmi phones to transfer files to your computer without using USB cable or upload files from computer to mobile phone without using USB cable. What you need to do is to start FTP server on Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone. Then use your web browser or a FTP client on computer to access your FTP server on Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones and transfer files back and forth from there. This feature helps transfer files between Xiaomi & Redmi and computer through FTP using the FTP Server system tool on your mobile phone, you don’t have to use any 3rd party apps.

How to start FTP Server on Xiaomi & Redmi mobile?

Launch the stock File Explorer on your Xiaomi or Redmi, scroll down to the bottom screen, find and tap on FTP server to access FTP on Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone.
start ftp server on xiaomi redmi mobile phone
Touch Start server to start FTP server on your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone. Once the FTP server started successfully, you will get its FTP address as shown below.
xiaomi redmi ftp server address
Note that, you need to connect your Xiaomi or Redmi to a Wi-Fi network before you can start the FTP server and transfer files from or to the phone. By default the FTP server port is set to 2121, you can tap on Settings to change it and many other options.

How to transfer files between Xiaomi or Redmi and computer through FTP?

Tools on computer you can use to connect to FTP server on Xiaomi phone and copy data between Xiaomi and computer via FTP are: 1) your file explorer on computer, such as File Explorer on PC, Finder on Mac; 2) web browsers, like IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari; 3) FTP clients, like the most popular Filezilla. Check out details below.

Connect Xiaomi FTP server via web browser to download files

You can access Xiaomi or Redmi FTP address through a web browser on your PC or Mac, such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, then browse to the folder and download files from Xiaomi or Redmi to computer through FTP using your browser. For example, if you like to download photos and videos from Gallery on Xiaomi or Redmi, browse to the DCIM folder, you can then find all photos and videos saved on your phone, right click on the media file, then save it from Xiaomi or Redmi to your PC or Mac through FTP using a desktop browser.

download photos from xiaomi redmi mobile to computer through ftp using web browser

Connect Xiaomi ftp server via FTP client to download or upload files

You can also connect to Xiaomi or Redmi FTP server using a FTP client, and then upload files from computer to your phone or download files from your mobile phone to computer through FTP. Check out this tutorial to connect Xiaomi or Redmi FTP server and transfer files using FileZilla. This is a free FTP client which is very user friendly, cross-platform and completely free to download and use.

connect xiaomi redmi ftp server using filezilla and upload & download files

Xiaomi & Redmi FTP Server Connection Error troubleshooting

If you can’t connect Xiaomi phone via FTP, here is a quick checklist for your reference:

  1. Try your computer File Explorer, a different web browser or FTP client; if one does not work, try another alternative;
  2. Make sure to type in the full FTP address you get on Xiaomi phone, including the starting ftp:// part and the port number after the Xiaomi phone FTP address, such as This is very important if you choose to connect to Xiaomi FTP server from a computer using File Explorer or web browser;
  3. Double check your Xiaomi phone IP address. It should be the local IP address of your Xiaomi phone. Every device connected to your router or wireless router should have its own unique internal IP address, such as,, etc. You can refer to this tutorial to find out IP address on Xiaomi phone;
  4. Do Not bookmark or save this Xiaomi phone FTP transfer address, as it may change every time you connect your phone to the router or Wi-fi network especially when you are using a public network other than home network or when you have multiple devices connected to the same router;

If you still have problem with this, leave us a message below.

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    1. you need to connect your Xiaomi or Redmi to a Wi-Fi network before you can start the FTP server and transfer files from or to the phone.

  1. Hi,

    I have been trying to connect to the above FTP to transfer some photos and videos to my laptop and my laptop say to check if the FTP is correct. I tried this in IE and chorme and still it does not connect. I have done all the troubleshooting options and still facing the same issue. Can you help.

    1. you can try:
      1. disconnect and reconnect both phone and laptop to the same Wi-fi network;
      2. restart FTP server on Xiami phone by touching the Stop server button and then Start server;
      3. try to access FTP server using the default file explorer on your PC, or a FTP client if available.
      4. If still errors out, please capture screen on the phone and computer and send to us via email to illustrate the issue, so we might be able to help you inspect further.

  2. I am able to connect through FTP and copy files from the phone to my computer. But I am unable to do vice versa, that is, I am unable to copy files from the computer to the phone. It says that the FTP connection does not permit it. How should I change this?

    1. Does it happen to any specific folder on the phone? you can try to upload files from PC to regular folders on the phone, such as the Download folder , DCIM folder, see if any update. Also you can try to create a new folder on the phone and then upload files there.
      If still no luck, you can try a different way to connect to FTP server on the computer end, you can choose your PC file manager, web browser or a FTP client.

    1. Hi,
      thanks for the feedback.
      we have just added a “Xiaomi & Redmi FTP Server Connection Error troubleshooting” part to the above article, as we thought other users may also have the same problem. Please check this troubleshooting list see if any help. and do not hesitate to write back if any other inquiries.

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