How to clear WhatsApp data on iPhone?

A chat app or instant messenger is a must for all mobile phone users, like QQ, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line, or any others. QQ and WeChat are developed and managed by Tecent. WhatsApp and Messenger are now two chat apps from Facebook. These are all great free chat apps. Today we will talk about the WhatsApp for iPhone and how you can clear WhatsApp data to reclaim more storage space on iPhone. It is because we find Whatsapp eats up storage very quickly for heavy users, especially when you like to post and share videos in WhatsApp on mobile, or post and share photos through WhatsApp on the phone. Without deleting old data from WhatsApp, you will soon run out of space on iPhone. What’s worse, iPhone does not support external storage. In order to save new data on to the phone, you may be forced to remove old files and data from iPhone.

How to clear WhatsApp data on iPhone?

We know that deleting WhatsApp from iPhone will also remove all WhatsApp chats and files. However this is not a good option under most circumstances. WhatsApp itself has the built-in feature to clear all chats and you have the option to select and delete any specific messages, photos, videos, files and documents, conversations from WhatsApp. Before you delete any chats, conversations or group chats in WhatsApp, you can backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iCloud or follow this guide to back up WhatsApp data from iPhone to computer in advance.

Delete single or multiple messages and files in WhatsApp

In any WhatsApp conversation or Group Chat, you can long press on a message, photo, videos, file or document to reveal the context menu and then delete the selected data or file in Whatsapp on iPhone.

Delete WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

You can also delete the whole chat or conversation with any contact or delete the whole group chat. Go to the Chats screen on iPhone, you will find a list of all existing conversations with any contact and group chats. You can slide from right to left over the chat or conversation to reveal the options as show below. Touch More button, you can then find a pop-up dialogue with options like Mute, Contact Info, Email Chat, Clear Chat, Delete Chat. If you delete a WhatsApp chat, you will delete the conversation and all messages inside of it. If you choose to clear Whatsapp chat, you will delete all messages but leave the conversation or chat in the Chats list.

clear or delete whatsapp chat on iphone

If you swipe left on the group chat, you will see an Exit button instead of Delete. After you exit group or left a group chat in WhatsApp, you will no longer receive messages from others in this group chat and you can’t send any messages to this group chat because you are no longer a participant. If you like to delete all messages inside of the group chat, swipe left again, tap More and then tap “Delete Group“. When you delete group in WhatsApp, you will delete the group from the Chats list screen and you delete all of chat history in this group chat on iPhone.

If you have accidentally deleted the wrong messages, photos, videos or chats in WhatsApp, and no backups were made before, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and data on iPhone. This WhatsApp recovery solution can even help you get back lost data when no backup was created. To increase the success rate, it is highly recommend you minimize the use of iPhone after data loss, then follow steps as outlined in the previous linked guide to retrieve lost Whatsapp chats history as soon as possible.

Clear all WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

Whatsapp for iOS has the built-in feature to batch delete all WhatsApp chat history from iPhone. To do that, go to WhatsApp Settings screen, you can find an option named ‘Clear All Chats‘, you can tap on it to clear all WhatsApp chat history, including all conversations or chats and all messages and files inside of them.

clear all whatsapp chats on iphone

Touch on Clear All Chats above, you will be taken to an alert screen with the warning of data deletion like below:

Clearing your chats will:

  • Delete your message history on this iPhone
  • Delete all sent and received media

You can then verify your phone number and press on the Clear All Chats button again to confirm and proceed to finally delete all Whatsapp chats on iPhone.

Delete WhatsApp Photo and Videos on iPhone

Normally you do not need to delete the media files separately, unless you like to select and delete any specific photos or videos in Whatsapp chats or conversations. When you delete WhatsApp chats above, you delete not only the messages but also attached files in the chats including photos, videos, music, contact file (name card), other file and documents. However when you have enabled media auto-download in WhatsApp on iPhone, you can automatically save incoming media, including images and videos that you receive into the Camera Roll on iPhone. These media files however will need to manually remove from the iPhone Camera Roll. Again make sure to back up important photos and videos to somewhere else when you want to clear them up. You can back up files to a cloud hosting, your computer, a portable hard drive, etc.

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  1. I have delete what’s App completely to try free up storage but in manage my storage it is still showing up massive amounts data being stored and no option to delete any way round getting the remaining data to delete it

    1. if you have uninstall WhatsApp on your iPhone, you should also delete all of its documents and data. You can go to Settings >> General >> Usage >> Storage to find out the apps and their usage on the phone. If WhatsApp is still there, you can find its storage usage or delete the app and its data from there. Find out the apps that are using a lot of storage and delete them can help you free up storage quickly. Make sure to back up important data from iPhone to computer before you delete them on the phone.
      You can also follow this guide to erase content on Android and iPhone using a third party phone data eraser. This solution can help you find out and delete many hidden files, private files, deleted files, etc.

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