Turn off screenshot sound on Samsung mobile

Many Samsung users may already know how to take a screenshot on Samsung mobile phone. But do you know how to mute screenshot sound on Samsung phone? Generally speaking, you may not need to turn off the sound when capture screen on the phone. Imagine that you are in the metro, bus, airport, and you want to take a screenshot, people nearby may hear the camera shutter sound and think you are taking a picture of them. Isn’t it annoying?

How do I turn off screenshot sound on Samsung mobile?

Remember that the exact steps may vary depending on the phone model and software version of your device.

When you take a photo or screen shot on Samsung mobile, you will hear the shutter-like sound. To disable the screenshot sound or camera sound is very easy. You can just adjust the volume of the shutter sound by pressing the volume down button until you mute the sound. The bad thing about muting the system sound is that you will not hear notifications, sound effects, etc.

On Some Samsung mobile phones, you can pull down the quick settings menu from screen top, tap Sound icon to turn it to Vibrate, tap on it one more time to turn it to Mute. Or head to Settings >> Sound >> Volume, drag the Ringtone volume bar to the left end, or Settings >> Sound >> Phone Profiles >> Mute. On other phone models, head to Settings > sound and vibration > system sound, turn off the option Screenshot.

Disable screenshot sound on more phones

Different phones may have different settings for users to turn on or off the screenshot sound or adjust the sound volume. iPhone works like Samsung mobile phone. iPhone users can go to Settings > Sounds > Ringer and Alerts to mute iPhone ringer and screenshot sound. Other than that, you can mute the sound using the Ring/Silent switch at the left side of iPhone. Some other smartphones even have separate sound settings for screenshot so you can mute screenshot sound separate from ringer or other phone settings, Xiaomi is a good example. Check out following tutorial to mute screenshot sound on Xiaomi and Redmi phones.

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